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What is SAS?
SAS is a statistical software package that allows the user to manipulate and analyze data in many different ways. Because of its capabilities, this software package is used in many disciplines (not just statistics!), including medical sciences,biological sciences, and social sciences.

After you open SAS, you will see three windows,
1.Program editor
2.Explorer window
3.Log Window

Also, there is an output window that is hidden until you actually have output.

Programe Editor
The program editoris where you will type the program that you will eventually run. It works almost exactly like Microsoft Word. (You can cut, paste, move the cursor, etc.)The enhanced program editor will give you color-coded procedures, statements, and options (more on these later) that will help you to find errors in your program before you even run it.

Explorer Window
With the explorer window, you can open\view data you have read into SAS.Click on libraries, then the work folder, and this will show you any datasets you have read into or created in SAS for that session.

Log Window
The log window will inform you of any errors in your program and the reason for the errors. This window is EXTREMELY IMPORTANT if you hope to figure out what is wrong with your program. Always check it first to see if your program ran properly! The output window is where, once you run your program from the program editor, your output appear. (Note: You can also cut, paste, etc. from
the log and output windows.)

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